Drug Delivery Systems

Transdermal Drug-in-Adhesive Patches

Leveraging ARx’s legacy expertise in adhesives for controlled release up to 7 days

ARx, LLC., custom develops and manufactures drug-in-adhesive patches for transdermal drug delivery in support of both branded and generic applications. Leveraging over 30 years of transdermal adhesive expertise, excipients are carefully selected to assure patient comfort during wear and to achieve the intended drug delivery profile. Material selection is further complemented by options for chemically compatible release liners to complete the product construction. Formulation scientists carefully design both single- and multi-layered patches for specialized drug delivery up to seven days.

Transdermal patches have been providing patients with enhanced compliance and convenience for nearly 30 years. The dosage form is well known for the delivery of pain medicine, smoking cessation, and hormone therapy.

Benefits of ARx transdermal patch delivery systems for your drug, your patient, and your brand:

Your Drug Your Patient Your Brand
Enhanced bioavailability through elimination of the first pass effect Minimized frequency of dosing with long-term wear Market success through enhanced patient compliance
Controlled systemic or topical delivery over several hours to 1 week Comfortable and discreet during dosing Novel dosage form through produce line extension
Ultra-clean adhesive and excipient selection for non-interference with API Immediate cessation to dosing upon patch removal Customized size, shape, thickness, and color for brand recognition
Optimal stability, bioavailability, and API compatibility with single or multi-layer systems Eliminates the need to swallow medication Individually pouched units offer additional space for printing logos and brand names

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