Drug Delivery Systems

ARx Oral Thin Films (OTFs)

Offering patients enhanced convenience and compliance with proprietary ARx systems

ARx, LLC., custom develops and formulates drug-loaded oral thin film (OTF) delivery systems designed to erode/dissolve at predetermined rates when introduced to saliva for absorption in the gastrointestinal (GI) tract. OTFs are a beneficial means for administering treatments and improving compliance in pediatric, geriatric, veterinary, and challenged patient populations.

Oral thin films can integrate most available forms of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), including micronized, granulated, salt and free-base forms. Both soluble and insoluble drugs have been successfully compounded into solutions and suspensions which can be further processed into a dissolvable film. The intended dose is achieved by determining and precisely controlling the size and thickness of the final film.

Benefits of ARx oral thin film delivery systems for your drug, your patient, and your brand:

Your Drug Your Patient Your Brand
Fast relief through rapid disintegration and drug absorption in the GI tract Variety of flavors and taste masking options available Market success through enhanced patient compliance
Tailored drug release or dissolution in a specific fluid or pH Comfortable and discreet during dosing Novel dosage form through produce line extension
GRAS excipients utilized to reduce risk Eliminates the need to swallow medication Customized size, shape, thickness, and color for brand recognition
Optimal stability, bioavailability, and API compatibility with single or multi-layer systems Easy to transport and administer Individually pouched units offer additional space for printing logos and brand names

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