Unparalleled expertise in thin film and patch formulations

The ARx formulation development strategy begins with a strong foundation and understanding of the specified dosage form. Our pharmaceutical chemists work closely with customers to determine the objectives and benefits of incorporating specific active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) into our adhesive and dissolvable film drug delivery systems. From project inception, we carefully consider the client’s filing and IP strategy to assure a commercially viable product for oral, buccal, sublingual, transdermal and topical drug delivery.

ARx leverages over 50 years of formulation and polymer science expertise to support our leadership position for designing products with effective clinical outcomes. We select excipients to achieve the desired physical and chemical properties for each drug product, ensuring the intended pharmacodynamic or pharmacokinetic profile and convenience for the patient in both branded and generic product categories.

ARx Formulation Benefits:

  • Excipient Expertise: Materials are selected according to compendial standards, desired physical and chemical properties, regulatory filing, critical quality attributes, and intellectual property strategies.
  • Foundational Knowledge: ARx understands how our polymers and systems behave alone and in specified environments.
  • Intellectual Property Strategy: ARx has a solid understanding of the intellectual property landscape and guides partners in IP strategies.
  • Single and Multi-Layer Systems: Both single- and multi-layer films and patches can be formulated based upon application needs.
  • Definition of Target Product Profile and Critical Quality Attributes: As experts in the dosage form, ARx drives elements of QbD design from project inception.
  • Success in Downstream Processing: Formulation and engineering teams work closely together with knowledge of production capabilities during formulation selection.
  • Stable Products: Excipients, substrates, and packaging materials are screened and evaluated for selection of a stable and pure product.

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