ARx Showcases Mucosal Thin Film Drug Delivery at Industry Events
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January 22, 2018
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July 23, 2018

ARx Showcases Mucosal Thin Film Drug Delivery at Industry Events

2018 has been busy for ARx thus far. We are proud to have participated in two major industry events, showcasing how our technology advancements are leading to more convenient, safe, and efficacious delivery systems.
At Drug Delivery Partnerships in Palm Beach Gardens, ARx Technical Director, Scott Barnhart, participated on a technology panel hosted by Shionogi’s Zhengming (Jimmy) Chen, titled Oral Thin Films from Development to Commercialization. Scott, along with other highly regarded industry professionals, Niraj Vasisht, formerly of BioDelivery Sciences International, Thierry Bilbault of Sunovion Pharmaceuticals, and Mark Schoebel of Monosol Rx, discussed where thin film drug delivery began, why they believe it is a viable and beneficial dosage form, and where the future of thin film can take us. When discussing the six (6) thin film products approved by the FDA to date, ARx was proud to recognize that in our fifteen (15) year history as a drug manufacturer, we have assisted with the approval of three (3) products. As for the future of thin film delivery, ARx is very excited about the APL-130277 product information presented by Sunovion. APL130277 is an apomorphine sublingual film to treat motor fluctuations (OFF episodes) experienced by people living with Parkinson’s disease and will serve as a replacement to an injection.
ARx also presented “Mucosal Thin Films: The Future of Rapid Onset Delivery” in its home state of Pennsylvania, at CPhI North America in Philadelphia. As evident by Sunovion’s product, mucosal thin films are increasingly being recognized as viable alternatives to injections. ARx presented exciting data demonstrating how its new film technology delivers over 16 times more active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) over a sixty (60) minute timeframe than those currently available to patients. This is just one example of how we are continuing to push the boundaries of how API delivery through a thin film. Contact Megan Greth, for a copy of the presentation or data.