About Us


The ARx management team has legacy experience in thin film and transdermal formulation and production processes, as well as in the pharmaceutical industry. Together, the management team has over 100 years of experience and has traveled the globe consulting for and auditing big pharma, specialty pharmaceutical, API and excipient suppliers. With this vast and unique experience, the ARx team has the experience and expertise to lead development and commercial programs and ensure that the specific needs and regulatory requirements are met throughout each stage.

Accomplishments of the management team include launching the first oral thin dissolvable film for drug delivery and formulating one of the first generic transdermal patches. Each member of ARx management is accessible to our partners and actively participates on each of the programs. The team believes in the potential of its products and is happy to discuss further.

Tadgh Prendeville: General Manager

Scott Barnhart: Technical Director

Beth Slowik: Director of Quality

Nicole Wieszczyk: Operations Director

Megan Greth: Business Development Manager

Eric Lakatosh: Manager of Process and Technology Development

John Cran: Director of Pharmaceutical Development

Bob Wilt: Facility Supervisor

Our History